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ZUSTAND NULL has signed a worldwide deal with Dusktone

by Natas Dog

Norwegian Progressive dissonant black metal unit ZUSTAND NULL has signed a worldwide deal with Dusktone and will release the debut full length album within the end of 2021.

Zustand Null is a band originating from Oslo and it was formed in 2009 by Max Engvik and Ion Solounias, under the name Ignotus. 

Shortly after, Ion had to leave the band and the band was therefore put on hold for several years. After years of searching for new members and writing new material, Max reformed the band with a new lineup under the name Zustand Null in 2016 in Oslo, featuring members from bands such as The Furious Horde, Astaroth, Kvesta, Whip and Screams of Scarlet

Early in 2017, Zustand Null released a 4-track EP called “At the limit of sanity” and did a number of live appearances the following year. 

The band is now in the middle of recording process and further infos, details and updates will be provided from time to time…. In the meanwhile, stay connected to Dusktone pages and band itself.

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