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Zord presents third full-length!

by Ivona Bogner

Zord was formed in 200, in Miskolc. Demo “Little Disasters” with six songs was released in 2002. 2006 brought single “The Glory Rush (Soldiers of Football)”. Finally, debut album “Disasters Grind” was released in 2007 via Nail Records. “Thorns & Wounds” fallowed in 2013 (Nail Records). 

We are talking about  thrash metal band that has already appeared on the biggest festivals in Hungary (e.g. Rockmaraton Fest, Sziget Festival, Hegyalja Fest, SzeptemberFest etc.) and played in the neighboring countries as well.

Now, the bend presents its latest release entiteled “Peripheria”.

The band has previously been featured Metal Nation Radio (USA), Aiiradio (USA), Metal Arena Radio (France), Metal-Only Radio, Stahl Radio (Germany), Headbangers FM (The Netherlands), Painkiller Metal Show (Belgium), Rockbox Radio and Rockvilag Radio (Hungary), and now you can hear Hungarian metallers at Metal Jacket Radio!

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