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Živo Blato will once again perform in Zagreb, prepare for a global war!

by Mislav Mihaljević

The disciples once again have the opportunity to fulfill their duty towards the great spiritual leader and Živo Blato frontman, general Vasilije Mitu, by supporting his band’s performance on the 2nd of June, 2018 (doors open: 9.p.m.) at “Boogaloo” club in Zagreb.

General Vasilije Mitu has prepared many surprises for his fans as a reward for their faithful service. We will have the honor to hear the single “Žena koja će moći da shvati” for the first time ever. The mentioned single will, at the same time, be an announcement for the long anticipated new release “Kad program završi.”

A special guest of the evening will be Vuco, who will perform some of his greatest hits in heavy metal arrangements.

Besides well-known masterpieces such as “Ubij se”, “Kurva”, “Ne volim te” and “Kasap iz Đakova”, we will be able to hear some of their new material as well. General Vasilije Mitu predicts that this will be the craziest heavy metal show his disciples have ever seen!

This cult band, led by controversial Siniša Vuco (a.k.a. general Vasilije Mitu) is not a mystery to the heavy metal lovers in these lands, and they are all well-aware of the truth, force and pain behind the Živo Blato lyrics.

It is without any doubt that this Živo Blato performance will cause attention and interest between the fans, and curiosity among common folk, so secure your place while there is still time!

Tickets for this mighty event you can buy online at Entrio website or by visiting Dirty Old Shop and Boogaloo’s cash desk in Zagreb.

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