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ZEIT release new lyric video for the track “Stumpf”

by Vjeran

“Light, sweet and majorly pissed off – time is running out but social deviations get worse by the minute. Ecologically at a crossroads, humankind is long lost. Offer yourself alast respect and tune in to the swan song for the crown of exhaustion and dwell your sorrows in 24 short musical substitutes.”

First Doom, now Grind? Yes! “Betonkrebs” stands in the tradition of the wayward ZEIT-EPs and intones his disdain far away from this band’s known paths.While the “null.”-EP ventured in the realm of funeral doom, this EP explores the world of Grind and Punk. For this project we started by taking our old song “Stillstand” again and simply played it as fast as possible (for us) this time.

Most Lyrics on “Betonkrebs” are written in German, the most hateful language there is, and are about all the bullshit we had to endure during the last year. And by that we don’t mean a global pandemic but the endless human stupidity that perpetuated all over the globe.

New Work Order
Wer Bewacht Die Wächter
Kosmische Pessimisten
Zwischen Nichts Und Wenig
Strukturelle Probleme
Merke Dir
Terror Management Theory
Cis Scum Must Die
Democracy Is For The Weak
Die Klöckner Im Néstle-Darm
Das Große Fressen
Profit Loss Ratio
Technische Ratten

Fur: Vocals, Guitar
Flakman: Bass
Win: Drums

Lyrics: Fur & Win
Mix & Master: Fur
Artwork: Win

For fans of Carnivore, Nasum, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Dying Fetus, Napalm Death…

All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Fur in our own studio “357”.

Bandcamp: https://rumsdiezeit.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RumsDieZeit
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RumsDieZeit
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zeit.official

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