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Zayn present new video single

by Mislav Mihaljević

After recently released EP ”You”, described as “15 minute adventure through rock genres”, Croatian four-piece instrumental rock/metal band Zayn presents their first video single.

“Finalist” is a very dynamic and melodic song in which rock and metal genres intertwine, retained in the theme to be better than others.

The band decided to make a playthrough video in their home studio, created by guitarist Bojan Gatalica in cooperation with Davor Ervojić, band’s photographer.

Newest EP titled “You” is the 3rd part of their conceptual tetralogy “Monolit” which started in 2015 with the album “Fields of God”.

The core statement of “You” tells us that people are using outer beauty as a mask to hide vanity. Disinterest for their own intellectual and emotional growth makes them egoistic without basis, and mold them into collective single-mindedness.

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