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YELLOWTOOTH Release Official Video for “From Faith To Flames”

by Natas Dog

Indiana’s YELLOWTOOTH have released the official video for “From Faith To Flames.” The track comes from forthcoming album The Burning Illusion. The video was directed by Adam Laughlin.

Having survived the plague year, YELLOWTOOTH will release its long-awaited third album, The Burning Illusion, April 30 on Orchestrated Misery Recordings.

Working with Year of Desolation/Prime Specimen guitarist/studio engineer John Hehman at Bang Studios, this first recording with new drummer Dave Dalton behind the skins has captured YELLOWTOOTH’s unique brand of heavy metal, incorporating styles from doom and sludge to a sonic cacophony of speed metal. Still hidden in the band’s songwriting are elements hinting of southern stoked riffs and rhythms, venturing into exciting new musical territory that needs to be heard in its entirety.

In the coming months YELLOWTOOTH plans on sporadic live performances to showcase Burning the Illusion, and to continue perfecting new material for an upcoming EP. When is that going to emerge from the aether? Good question…

Pre-order The Burning Illusion at: cursedproductions.com/catalog/view/2620/Yellowtooth-The-Burning-Illusion

Track Listing:
1. From Faith To Flames
2. Atrocity
3. Deep Space
4. Astronaut’s Journey
5. The Illusion
6. Void
7. Dead Flowers
8. Scattered To The Wind
9. Lazarus Syndrome

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