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Wretch announced new album “Reborn” in July

by Ivona Bogner

The release date of the of the album “Reborn” by the US metal band Wretch on CD is July 27th, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on July 13th, 2018.

With their second studio album “Warriors” (2014), Wretch joined the Pure Steel roster. Now it’s time to re-release the first studio album of the US Metal cult band, “Reborn” from the year 2006. Originally released on Auburn Records, the album contains eleven tracks of finest US Metal with the outstanding “Breaker” cover “Touch Like Thunder”, which should not be ignored, and that any fan of US-Metal will enjoy.

US Metal made for real gourmets…


Wretch – Reborn
1. Mental Wars
2. Cry For The Young
3. Life
4. Reborn
5. Eyes Of Fate
6. The Winners
7. Skin To Skin
8. I Am Storm
9. Nothing
10. Touch Like Thunder
11. ‘Til Death Do You Part
12. The Conflict (Bonus Track)

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