Home News Wheelfall reveal new album, artwork, tracklist and new video

Wheelfall reveal new album, artwork, tracklist and new video

by Metal Jacket

The band Wheelfall (from Nancy, France) has just released the first track of their new concept album, to be released before the end of the year.

The second track from Wheelfall’s new album, “A Specter is Haunting the World“, has just been released! The album will be unveiled in its entirety on December 04, 2020, the day of its digital release. Pre-sales for physical merch will launch on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

We learn on the band’s Bandcamp page that the concept album will be accompanied by a Fanzine bringing together 8 illustrations by 8 different artists, to which the group has given carte blanche to illustrate each of the songs.

The leader of the band, Fabien W. Furter speaks about this new song, entitled “SEX / OBLIVION / SEX“:

As a reminder, A Spectre is Haunting the World” tells the story of an ordinary man who ends up wanting to kill the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. 20 minutes, it’s the duration indicated by the countdown of the bomb he has just placed, holding his knife firmly on him. Is he going to act, with no possibility to go back to his old life? 20 minutes is also an interval for the memories that come back… A time that each track of the album proposes to dilate and detail, in order to tell what can lead a man like any other to want to commit the irredeemable.

“SEX/OBLIVION/SEX” is one of these souvenirs and deals with the human relationships he had. A toxic behavior between sex and drugs, which is repeated as a desire for personal productivity in a context where nothing makes sense. Consumption, repetition. A loss of control that he wanted voluntary, to get out of himself. “I Remain in control of Myself,” repeated like a mantra… In a hypocritical way.

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