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WELICORUSS Unleash ‘Frostbounded’ Live Video From ‘Enter The Eternal Fire Fest 2020’!

by Natas Dog
Welicoruss metal

Symphonic Black Metal Lords WELICORUSS have released a new live video for ‘Frostbounded’, from ‘Enter The Eternal Fire Fest 2020.

The Live video was made by DannyTrabiJakesch at Enter The Eternal Fire Festival 2020 in Volyně (Czech Republic) on 25.07.2020. “Frostbounded” is taken from the band’s latest album “Siberian Heathen Horde”.

In November 2020, WELICORUSS will head on their 15th anniversary mini-tour, with special guests Purnama, Porta Inferi and Kazgaroth.

The band stated:

Welicoruss will play 15th Anniversary Shows! Friends, this autumn, despite of coronavirus situation complicating concert activities throughout Europe and the World nevertheless, truly important outstanding events for all of us will happen – Welicoruss will have 15th Anniversry Tour in Czech Republic! Undoubtedly, this is a huge age, time during which band has gone through a lot, but nevertheless survived in endless battles for existence and brought 4 albums and more than 800 concerts in Europe and Russia! We are more alive than ever and ready to prove it in special live shows in 3 Czech cities – Prague, Brno and Ostrava! We`re inviting you to join those undoubtedly important events, also for the reason that our friends from Purnama, Porta Inferi, Kazgaroth and some others will come to support us and introduce their last releases! We will be gratefull for your supporting and sharing of this post everywhere!”

Brno [27/11] – https://bit.ly/32n4cA5
Ostrava [4/12] – https://bit.ly/3jh7Dzf
Praha [5/12] – https://bit.ly/2FWA1Iv

Just recently WELICORUSS drummer Ilya Tabachnik has posted online two cool drum cover videos, in case  you missed them, check out below.

GENESIS’ “Land Of Confusion”: https://youtu.be/QqoqBOI2Em8
SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s “Toxicity”: https://youtu.be/nN54eW3g9_I 

WELICORUSS released their latest album “Siberian Heathen Horde” on March 27th, via El Puerto Records worldwide. Get your copy of “Siberian Heathen Horde” here – https://bit.ly/2UvYVlS

Welicoruss cover

“Siberian Heathen Horde” tracklisting:

1. Spellcaster
2. Siberian Heathen Horde
3. Path Of Seductions
4. Frostbounded
5. Metaphysical (feat. Rob Carson from Xaon band)
6 Tree Of Nations
7. Crossroad of Life (orchestral instrumental)
8. The Prophecy
9. Hymn Of Lost Souls

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