by Natas Dog

Ravenbreed bring a hard-hitting blend of melodic and punchy music to the roster, buoyed by a fresh line-up and brand new music. Regular appearances on the festival circuit including Redemption Festival, Ice Breaker, LoveRocks Festival, Breaking Bands Festival, and Hard Rock Hell 13, amongst others have seen the band amass a loyal fanbase over recent years, as they continue to grow.

WDFD Managing Director Keith Lamley said, “Ravenbreed are a band that have overcome challenges and consistently delivered live and in the studio. We believe they have enormous potential to develop under the guidance of Alpha Band Management and we are very excited to welcome them to the WDFD team. Here’s to the future!”

The band have also recently signed to Alpha Band Management, and received the accolade of Band of the Month from Great Music Stories – proving their trajectory continues to rise. They are excited about their onward journey as part of Team WDFD, saying, “WDFD Records is a that label puts bands and artists at the forefront of everything it does; supporting new music, and helping those artists achieve their potential. The label’s growing roster of up-and-coming talent is testament to that. Ravenbreed are extremely proud to be members of that exclusive club! Thank you for inviting us, we look forward to working with the WDFD team😀❤”

With the release of a keenly anticipated single in Autumn 2021 and an EP planned towards the end of the year, Ravenbreed are set to build on their success…all that’s left to say is … Ravenbreed are comin’ with attitude, so look the f*#k out!

Ravenbreed are:
Mikey Watkins              Guitar
Ross Formosa              Bass
Luke Short                    Vocals
Aggy Nowicka               Drums

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