Home News “Life Through Fire” is finally available online for fans worldwide!

“Life Through Fire” is finally available online for fans worldwide!

by Ivona Bogner

Konstantinos Karamitroudis maybe does not mean a lot to you. But if I say Gus G. I am quite sure you will say he is best known as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar player. Wrong! Gus G. is more than only Ozzy’s guitarist. Find out more about his life and amazing career, watching “Life Through” documentary.

“Life Through Fire” was aired on the National Greek Broadcast TV Network back in 2017 now is finally available online for fans worldwide.

In the “Gus G.: Life through fire” documentary, produced by ERT, we trace the course of internationally renowned Greek musician Gus G. across seven countries in three continents.
We follow him on tour with his band, Firewind, as well as on the road with his solo project, playing festivals and legendary venues like the famous “Whiskey A Go Go” in Los Angeles. With him and his colleagues as our tour guides, we travel into the magical world of hard rock. We see an unconventional way of life, and we see our hero striking his own balance. Overall, we follow a course that was not paved with rose petals, but has slowly come to be through trials, until the final vindication and his collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne.
Also about the ways of the average Greek family, about the meaning of an international career, and about those who really have had one. It also looks into the triptych of
sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll ad whether today still holds, into our nationality’s faults, into life on the road. Is not just for a heavy metal- or rock-listening audience, or music fans in
general. Everyone will find in it something that concerns them, and might even question their opinions on some issues. It is a film that must be seen especially by parents. The second part in particular concerns them directly!

Featured in the documentary are his parents, his wife, journalists Hakos Pervanidis, Kostas Chronopoulos, from Greek “Metal Hammer” Edition, Akis Kapranos and Panos Chrysostomou, record industry executives Leonidas Vranas, Ilias Aravidis and Leif Jensen so as musicians: Bob Katsionis, Petros Christo, Henning Basse (Firewind), Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Warrel Dane (Nevermore, Sanctuary), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy), members of the Vicious Rumors, and of course, fans from all over the world.

Documentary is directed by Thanasis Tsaousopoulos. It includes English/Greek subtitles.

Gus states:

Tthis is a film on my musical path from the humble beginnings up until 2017 & features interviews with bandmates, label mates, family and close friends. 


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