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Voodoo Gods release new single “Rise Of The Antichrist” today

by Ivona Bogner

There’s no better day of the year to release a song called “Rise Of The Antichrist” like Holy Friday, isn’t it?

That’s why the death metal supergroup around George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher will release the second single of their upcomin album “The Divinity of God”, today!

Mastermind Alex Voodoo states:
“Rise Of The Antichrist” will also be the opener for our new album. This is one of the few songs, where the drum melody was the pivotal point of the whole song. The title to the song already existed for several years…..In the lyric, the Antichrist destroys the worlds, their creed and the ikon of the Nazarene. Period !! “Rise Of The Antichrist” has some unusual guitar solos, I hope the fans will be caught off-guard and pleasantly surprised.
Jacek Hiro says about the song:
“Rise Of The Antichrist” is my personal fave on the new album. I wanted it to be the first single, but Alex works in mysterious ways. I am very excited,what the fans will think of our new material.

Jean Baudin adds:

I’m excited for everyone to hear the new Voodoo Gods songs – I had a lot of fun coming up with unique basslines and parts that typically would never be heard in a metal song.
Seth Van De Loo states:
“Rise of the Anti-Christ” was a lot of fun to work on in the studio. Definitely one of my personal favorites!
Tom Geldschläger (Co Producer) adds:
I have great memories of my time working on the mix of the album and particularly this song in Andy’s studio in sweden. Great performances from everybody involved plus great working-chemistry made this session pure joy. I think everybody nailed the old-school melodic death vibes, too.

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