Home News Virgin Steele will be releasing a marathon/epic video album of 10 video clips!

Virgin Steele will be releasing a marathon/epic video album of 10 video clips!

by Metal Jacket

Virgin Steele will be releasing a Marathon/Epic Video Album of 10 Video Clips. The first clip is a full-length “Movie”/Documentary type video clip. This documentary is an in depth,  “Inside the Music” look into the “Gothic Voodoo Anthems album, which is one of the 3 new releases included in the “Seven Devils Moonshine” 5 CD BOX SET. It takes the viewer/listener on a journey through that album and explores the origins of that style and how the Group arrived at that particular place for that release. It also ventures far beyond that album and discusses the beliefs & philosophies of the group, the songwriting ideology, etc.

In addition to this “movie”/documentary: “Inside the Music- A Journey Through the Gothic Voodoo Anthems Album”, Virgin Steele will also be issuing 9 more video clips of tracks from that specific “Gothic Voodoo Anthems release. So yes a total of 10 new videos in all are coming…

The additional video clips will be as follows:

1.   I Will Come For You (Orchestral Version)
2.   The Black Light Bacchanalia (Orchestral Version)
3.   Zeus Ascendant/By the Hammer of Zeus (And The Wrecking Ball Of Thor) (Orchestral Version)
4.   Queen of the Dead (Orchestral Version)
5.   The Gothic Voodoo Suite-Featuring: (Romanian Folk Dance No.3, The Delirium Excerpt & Snakeskin Voodoo Man)
6.   The Enchanter
7.   The Fire & Ice Medley: Featuring: (Bone China/No Quarter & Bone China Reprise)
8.  The Passion in the French Quarter medley: Featuring: (Chloe Dancer & Gentle Groove)
9.  Death Letter Blues

The group states:

We could have decided to drag everything out… releasing the videos bit, by bit, but… instead we have decided to unleash everything all at once, as the GOTHIC VOODOO “Movie” and all the other 9 video clips work together, and capture a day in the life, since they are all part of one day’s performance.

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