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VIRGIN STEELE releases new videos and infos about the next album!

by Natas Dog
New album Virgin Steele

A New Album and…the “INSIDE THE MUSIC” DOCUMENTARY…for…“VISIONS OF EDEN” (The Lilith Project-A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind) plus… the individual video clips for the songs: “GOD ABOVE GOD” and… “THE HIDDEN GOD”

1. “VISIONS OF EDEN” (The Lilith Project-A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind)
2. GOD ABOVE GOD https://youtu.be/sjvIIur7kvw
3. THE HIDDEN GOD https://youtu.be/2MCKsAtyp-A
“Rape of a Life, Rape of a Soul, Rape of us All
Why do we Live, Why do we Die, When will we Know

“Greetings Friends!

We are currently in the middle of recording what will be the next brand new VIRGIN STEELE studio album…(more details will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead), but right now we can tell you that it is very much in the Epic, BARBARIC-ROMANTIC Metal vein, and we do intend to have it ready for a 2020 release.

Meanwhile, since we recently had some downtime from the studio due to some much needed renovations that just couldn’t wait and… since we had recently released the vinyl version/edition of the VISIONS OF EDEN album we thought… “BY THE GODS & GODDESSES…let’s not just sit around doing nothing”…we had a drink…thought for a bit and then exclaimed ”hey why not release another video clip or two for the “VISIONS OF EDEN” vinyl edition reissue, perhaps the tracks…“GOD ABOVE GOD & THE HIDDEN GOD”. Decision made…using old school, barebones, technology, we began filming, and… while we were at it there in film mode, we also ended up filming even more material which quickly became this “VISIONS OF EDEN” ~ “AN INSIDE THE MUSIC DOCUMENTARY”.

Plus…we also ended up doing quite a few videos for tracks from the “GOTHIC VOODOO ANTHEMS” album. (That being one of the 3 brand new releases that we included inside our mammoth 5 disc: “SEVEN DEVILS MOONSHINE” BOX SET…)

The GOTHIC VOODOO ANTHEMS album contains Live-Orchestral versions of VIRGIN STEELE Music, plus a few re-written/re-imagined covers. These “GOTHIC VOODOO” clips will be issued shortly, hot on the heels of these 3 new “VISIONS” clips.

We are over the top, so yes…as we were filming/working on all of the above, we also filmed some tracks from the GHOST HARVEST VINTAGE 1 & VINTAGE 2 albums, which will eventually appear in due course as well…

But…now… back to the first group of videos…back to the VISIONS OF EDEN album…. The “VISIONS OF EDEN” album concerns Lilith….the first “wife” of Adam….. In actuality Lilith is the Female Principle Of Divinity, and…She is a rebel. Should you need a frame of reference from the male perspective, perhaps She can be considered as something akin to a female Prometheus if you will? However…She is actually something infinitely more powerful. She is the manifestation of the Primal Energy, the Life force, and Creativity. Indeed She is a major part of the Origin Of All Life itself.

Due to the tremendous appeal, power and popularity of the Great Goddess within early “Pagan” Society/ Religions / “Mystery Cults”, etc., Patriarchal, Male God worshipping Societies felt their status threatened, therefore they enacted laws and actions in which the worship of the Goddess was made illegal. She was demonized, and many attempts were made to make her become hateful to women. These attempts were only too successful. My story seeks to parallel what occurred so long, long ago, concerning this paradigm shift and destruction, and the reverberations that can still be felt all along the corridors of Time through to our own era today.

In our “Inside The Music Documentary” for VISIONS OF EDEN…(The Lilith Project-A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind), we explore this tale in audio/visual fashion. This video/documentary functions as a brief essay that explores and explains (track by track)… what the album contains. Using narration, film clips, still photos and of course lots of music, we dive into both the album and the Lilith Metal-Opera that we presented in Germany. As mentioned above, we also completed two new individual clips of songs from the album, one for the song, GOD ABOVE GOD… & one for the song, THE HIDDEN GOD.

The GOD ABOVE GOD video discusses both the paradigm shift mentioned above, and the idea of how the “Black Angels” (3 rather unpleasant Beings on the album)…try to “turn” LILITH into the opposite of what She actually is. This video begins with a short summation that depicts the idea that everything that is occurring in the album is all happening now, in the mind of a real life modern day woman as she is being raped…As the video develops the viewer becomes privy to LILITH’S torment, and hears her cries and appeals to…the GOD ABOVE GOD…

The HIDDEN GOD video features a very atmospheric take on what the lyrics describe. It features a style somewhat akin to the two video clips that we had previously issued from the “VISIONS” re-issue; the songs:

 “WHEN DUSK FELL” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oosxv2IIVo
“BLACK LIGHT ON BLACK” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUAxA98Oh0M.
We also previously released a “Lyric Video” for the song:
“THE INEFFABLE NAME” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPe7ZQA3Nbc

As stated earlier the VISIONS OF EDEN album is a “Metal-Opera”, or what we prefer to call “A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind”, and was re-released in a 2 Disc format, featuring both a re-mixed version, as well as a re-mastered version, and…now of course we have a vinyl edition.

In keeping with the impressionistic nature of the “VISIONS” album, the video for THE HIDDEN GOD is performed from the perspective of the Character SAMAEL…who is actually also the Character ADAM. He has this dual nature aspect…our main Character “LILITH” is of course clearly represented in all her various aspects as well. This clip is atmospheric, also quite hallucinogenic and dark…for as you know by now, the subject matter for the entire album and the song itself is actually quite dark, dealing with rape, murder, the death and destruction of certain ancient societies, certain beliefs, and a particular philosophy and way of life, to name but a few concepts expressed within the album…In the case of this particular “HIDDEN GOD” clip you will also find a sardonic sense of humor injected into the proceedings as well….

‘Tis The Season Where The Great Goddess Rises…therefore we will be issuing these 3 “VISIONS clips:

1. The “INSIDE THE MUSIC” DOCUMENTARY…“VISIONS OF EDEN” (The Lilith Project-A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind)… will appear at…https://youtu.be/RPGO_EABOOM
2. the video for GOD ABOVE GOD…will appear at: https://youtu.be/sjvIIur7kvw
3. THE HIDDEN GOD…will appear at: https://youtu.be/2MCKsAtyp-A

Over the following week or so we will next start to release the various “GOTHIC VOODOO ANTHEMS” album clips.

We hope that you are all doing well and maintaining your health and sanity during this mad season…and we hope these videos and this music will bring some comfort during this isolation time….We look forward to getting onstage and seeing you all again as soon as possible… Keep well, keep healthy and remain…INVICTUS!”


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