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Video interview: ThroaTTwisteR

by Lukrecija Mesek

ThroaTTwisteR, death influenced groove hardcore metal band, was formed in 2007.Their goal is to create an unparalleled sonic attack that will erase everything in it’s path. The sound barrier that it creates can closely be described as hailstorm of groove, perfection and sludge; bleeding riffs are interconnected with precised drums that splash into a growling low end and finishes off with an unparalleled vocal onslaught. After 3 years of systematically generating the next level of audio discharge, it’s first creation named “Cold Images” is unleashed. EP “Humanity” and album “X Years Of Misery” followed. If you want to find out more about the band, read or watch interview Lukrecija Mesek made at Dark Circle Fest V.

Last year you released album “X Years Of Misery”. Can you tell me something more about the album, main ideas, songs?
Why “X Years Of Misery”? Because we celebrated 10 year anniversary. Since anniversary was in February last year, our goal was to release EP, actually, not an album. Four songs, three new and one old that we changed a bit. That’s the song from our first album “Cold Images”. We are talking about “Reaper”. We titled it “Reaper 2K 2017”, since it was 2017. Other songs are “In Hell”, “Suit & Lies” and  “Years Of Misery”. Themes… It is still all about what bothers us and what we can tell about it.

So, each song has its thematic. Can you tell me something about line up? What changed?
We changed line up for the third time in 2015, maybe even earlier, not sure. Originally, we had four band members with one guitar player, than two guitars. Back than, I was only a friend, photographer. After that, bass player, Domagoj, told me he quits due personal reasons. I joked and said I will start learning to play guitar again so I could play. In that period a lot of local bands split up. After two or three days he actually said that was good idea, here are the songs you should learn. I was in panic a bit. We had first rehearsal and it was ok since I have never played guitar often, I was not skilled. Besides, it was totally different genre than I used to play. The same year I asked our other guitarist Bruno to join the band. He just moved to Zagreb and he was looking for someone to play with. I asked him to join us at rehearsal and that was it…

Do you have new material?
Today we will play one new song. We have new songs and we are preparing for recording process. Would it be EP, album, split I wont tell you, but we have new songs and we are very excited about that. In past year, our drummer left the band. It was extreme hard cause he was the only founding member, he was important in creating process. We decided to move on. We called our good friend Smits who had been playing in Inside My Casket, now he is in million other bands, but the most active in Rolin Humes. After few rehearsals, we had one gig in Slovenia with him. After he had some personal problems, he could rehears often, which we didn’t like. In the meantime, Nikola asked us to rejoin the band. We agreed cause we know each other over years that is important for creating process. We stayed in touch with Smits and he contributed on new song that we will play tonight.

Can you at least tell tell us the release date?
No, I can’t! Just because life is unpredictable. Something can always go wrong. That is why I need no deadlines. We’ll work slowly, with no pressure.

Let’s talk about this festival a bit. What do you think about it? What do you expect from the festival and will you come back in the future?
Everything you just asked depends on what will happen today.

Any expectations?
Actually, no. As a band, we might have some expectations, but personally, I am scared when I see schedule.

Thank you so much for this interview. I wish you good luck tonight! Rock on!
Thank you so much!

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