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Video Interview: The Damnnation

by Mislav Mihaljević

On today’s menu of Metal Jacket Magazine video interviews, we have a great power trio coming all the way from Brazil. São Paulo, to be more accurate. While very close within the range of virtual existence, it’s more than a  few steps in real life. Why we are stating the obvious? Because, The Damnnation is obviously one of the most promising newcoming bands from Brasil. Besides that, they are an all-female Thrash Metal power trio, and they are bringing back the 80’s, but in a new, and fresh way. Renata Petrelli  is dealing  with vocals, and guitar duties. The bass, and backing vocals are handled by Aline Dutchi, and least but not last, Leonora Mölka pounds the drums with also providing the backing vocals. So, there you have it, three female metalheads that have released their first EP entitled “Parasite”, and we can assure you, it truly attacks your being as a parasite would. It is impossible to listen to those songs just once.  As a matter of fact, try right away by clicking below.

Had enough? No? Told you so! Unfortunately, if you want to get to the bottom of the page you need to keep reading, and not constantly listening to the catchy riffs of “Parasite”. I mean, you could just skip to the bottom or close the page, but that would just make you a pussy, and we don’t want that, right? So, leave “Parasite” running, and continue below!

Metal Jacket Magazine had an interesting, easy talk with Renata Petrelli, the vocalist, and guitarist of this awesome power trio. We talked about many topics, including the story of the band, which we started from the very beginnings, and obviously reached the band’s current status. Unwrapping many things, from political views, musical influences, and even talking about pets at some point, it just pictures Renata as a funny, easy going person despite of the fact that lyrical themes of The Damnnation mostly deal with depression, and injustice. Well, how can one fight against the opposite ways, if not have it’s mind and soul in the right way. If you want to check and be sure if Renata and Mic have their minds, and souls pointed in the right direction, click on the video below, and find all the answers you seek in our new interview with The Damnnation!

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