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Video Interview: Magnus Rosén

by Mislav Mihaljević

Metal Jacket Magazine is proud to present you the first interview done in 2021. Yet, this interview is not special just because it is recorded as number 1 in the new year, but for another extremely mind-blowing reason. With great honor, and privilege, we announce you that our first video interview in 2021 was done with the once in a lifetime genius behind the bass guitar, Mr.  Magnus Rosén

Magnus Rosén has reached the worldwide fame by being the bass player of Heavy/Power Metal giants HammerFall from 1997 to 2007. Besides HammerFall, he has also contributed in musical projects such as Avalanche, Billionaires Boys Club, Fullforce, Geisha, Jorn, Keegan, Revolution Renaissance, Von Rosen, as well as Bleckhorn, Planet Alliance, Shadowside, Tony Martin, X-World/5, and we could truly go on forever with the list. That only shows the dedication, and love Magnus is providing to the music, and through his music. 

Through the interview, Magnus and Mislav have talked about how Magnus deals with current Covid-19 crisis in the recent times, and also about his early teen years which he has spent groving up in Sweden, up to the point of moving to the USA, and somewhere around that point, his life has changed in a unbelievable way. Magnus has also talked about his solo bass albums, and his recommendation of which album you should start with, if you have just heard about him, and want to know more. Besides that, Magnus has expressed his future golas regarding the places he would like to visit, and play there. Trust us, noone has done something simillar, and if Magnus does it, he would surely be the first one to do so. 

Dealing with music, we have went through his personal musical influences, the most memorable moments while he was playing bass in HammerFall, and talked about his collection of bass guitars. 

During our talk, Magnus Rosén, presented his beautiful approach towards life, and shared his life values, and we could really go on forever with all the wisdom he has shared with us within a bit more than an hour. That just shows that Magnus truly is, as his names states, The Great. If you are brave enough to reach the end of the interview, you are in for a musical surprise Magnus has prepared. 

What more to expect from a guy that has been a part of a band that has led an army of young metalheads to the world of heavy metal during the late 90’s and early 00’s? Yet, he still does that by his beautiful playing. Thank you for your role in Heavy Metal, and thank you for your role in music, Mr. Magnus “The Great” Rosén!

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