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Video interview: Insomnium

by Vedrana Dobrić

I was a kid when I heard Insomnium for the first time. I must mention that it is one of the few bands whom I have followed since the first album (others being their compatriots Swallow The Sun, in case there’s still someone who doesn’t know). Years later, and the impression is not abated. Moreover, I get super hyped for their every new release or a concert, and this concert in Zagreb was my fifth time seeing them.

Insomnium have been at the top of the pile of melodic death metal for years now. Since 1997, the Finnish outfit have crafted their art, creating a soundscape that is both beautiful and utterly destructive. In 2016 the band’s seventh studio record “Winter’s Gate” was released, which was their most ambitious effort yet. One epic 47-minute track, a bold move and one that captures how Insomnium have refined their craft.

After their concert in 2015 got cancelled, we had to wait a bit for the Finnish melodic death metal masters to return to Zagreb for the third time. Fortunately, we caught up with bassist/vocalist Niilo Sevänen before the show to talk about their latest album and its concept, writing process, main inspiration, differences between this and past releases, upcoming materials, atmosphere at the concerts, last year’s Wacken, expectations of local audiences etc. But I’m just a girl behind the lens, so I have left the main word to my dear colleague Maroje Ćuk.

This interview wasn’t published earlier due to unfortunate reasons similar to those that caused the Insomnium concert in Zagreb to be cancelled more than two years ago. But you know the saying, “save the best for last” and at the end of the tour, this was certainly the case. So, I must say, this was the sweetest interview I’ve ever recorded. Check it out!

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