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Video Interview: Empyreal Sorrow

by Mislav Mihaljević

German Melodic Death Metal band Empyreal Sorrow is releasing their debut album “PRÆY” on 20th of November, 2020. With humanity more and more acting like a giant swarm of insects controlled by one leading thought, the message within Empyreal Sorrow’s debut album is like a festering branding: “Join the Cult Of Sorrow” – reflect on your own self, and avoid the repeated mistakes of mankind.

With that kept on mind, Metal Jacket Magazine had a long, and interesting talk with Sebastian Moser (bass guitar, vocals), and Julian Osterried (drums) about the history of the band, about their present, and future plans as well.  As a band with a strong dedication for exploring the counterparts of love, Empyreal Sorrow truly are an easy-going merry gathering. Basti, and Julian have acknowledged it by sharing their points of view about their upcoming debut album, Heavy Metal music in general, their personal musical influences, and also by providing thoughts regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Click on the link below, and embark on a merely hour long quarantine video interview journey!

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