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Video interview: Dean Clea

by Vjeran

As lead singer of the popular Croatian heavy rock band Osmi Putnik, Dean Clea gained recognition in all ex-Yugoslavia area. Vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, audio FOH engineer, arranger and producer, Dean has lead a successful career as a recording and touring artist for over 20 years working with the bands such as Osmi Putnik, Pandora, Dissector, Bijelo Dugme Tribute, Živo Blato, Witchcraft, Dioniz, Kompleks K, Intonic, Šejn etc. After his departure from Osmi Putnik in August of 2013, Clea joined Rapid Strike as bass player and tour Japan and Europe in fall of 2013. He finally released his second studio album entitled “L.U.N.A.” in May… I had the honor to talk with his majesty that can be seen in the interview below!

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