Home News VICTORIA K Shares Music Video “Tower” Off New Album “Kore” Out October 2022

VICTORIA K Shares Music Video “Tower” Off New Album “Kore” Out October 2022

by Metal Jacket

Victoria K is sharing the next single “Tower” from the forthcoming sophomore album “Kore” set for release this coming October via Rockshots Records to follow the highly praised 2020 debut album “Essentia”.

Being unveiled with a music video, “Tower” is the longest song on the album. Clocking in at over seven minutes, the band got the inspiration for this track from the part of the hymn where Kore’s mother orders the people of the world to build a tower in her honour.

01 – Prologue
02 – Raptum
03 – Mothers’ Garden
04 – The Child
05 – Persephone
06 – A Divine Revelation
07 – Tower
08 – Blasphemia
09 – Pomegranate
10 – The Afterlife
11 – Epilogue

The band explains further: “This idea and concept sparked a lot of ideas, taking inspiration from events and questions that we face in our current society. Questions such as the existence of a divine power, and why we praise higher powers both spiritually speaking and in our physical world. It also raises ideas about our current social regimes, like capitalism, as well as the toxicity of materialist and consumerist cultures. Aspects of this song touch upon the exploitation of the middle and lower class. This is a topic that we wanted to bring forward, as musicians, artists, and writers as we feel it is relevant and important. This song also takes a lot of inspiration from ethnic sounds. The chanting is sung in ancient Greek, meant to imitate marching and worship, this ties into the message that the song is trying to convey.

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