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Vader is visiting Zagreb’s Močvara with Defiled and Chronosphere!

by Helen Vučić

Vader is honoring several important anniversaries this year! In 1990, thirty years ago, their second demo “Morbid Reich” was released – opening a completely new world to the band and kick-starting their career. Five years later, the second album “De Profundis” followed, set to celebrate its 25th birthday next year. In 2000, twenty years ago, “Litany” was released – one of the most popular Vader albums to date. Their mini-album “Art Of War” is also having a rounded, 15th anniversary!

With plenty to celebrate, Vader have set off to once again conquer Europe, promising to only treat us to the aforementioned releases. Thanks to Hangtime Agency and Subsonic Events, you’ll hear all your favorite Vader tracks this time!

Vader are packing a fantastic set of supports too! We’ll have a chance to see the Japanese Samurai warriors of Death metal – Defiled, fresh out of the studio with their latest release “Infinite Regress”.

Chronosphere are also an interesting bunch! These Greek self-proclaimed Red ‘N’ Roll bastards play a mix of heavy metal and rock n’ roll that’s sure not to leave you indifferent. Wear a pair of red pants to fit in! 

Last but not least, we’ve got a funky new metal outfit from Russia! Fallcie are just starting out, they seem to be having a lot of fun and if you were into Paramore as a kid, this will be your jam!

Make sure not to miss this iconic metal medley at Klub Močvara. Tickets are available at Dirty Old shop or online, you can also grab them in Rijeka and Varaždin! Save the date – March 20th and follow the official event for updates and ticket giveaways! 

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