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UNDERTOW release first single / video “On Fire”

by Metal Jacket

Nine new songs on their ninth album in their twenty-ninth year.

Ascribing Undertow a penchant for number games or arithmetic is at least arguable. On the other hand, it is undisputed that the band works very specifically with moods on “BIPOLAR” – from extremely heavy to total melancholy. These contrasting mood swings have always been trademarks of this special band. Artwork is again by Björn Gooßes | Killustrations.

01 – When Tears Became Scars
02 – On Fire
03 – Life Kills
04 – Call Of The Sin
05 – Shadows
06 – The Longest Breath
07 – Unstoppable
08 – Undertow
09 – I Remain

Joachim „Joschi“ Baschin: Vocals, Guitars
Oliver „Qdl” Rieger: Drums
Markus „Brandy“ Brand: Guitars
Andreas „Hundi“ Hund: Bass

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