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Tilen Hudrap leaves Pestilence!

by Vedrana Dobrić
Tilen Hudrap

Pestilence have announced that Tilen Hudrap, the bassist who played in the band’s latest album “Hadeon” and toured with them during 2018, will be leaving at the end of the year due to scheduling differences. As a result, Pestilence are now looking for a new bass player. Do you think you have what it takes?

Frontman Patrick Mameli comments:

Dear fans, although this will be somewhat unanticipated and unexpected to read for all our fans over the world, it’s a fact of life: Pestilence is looking to find a replacement for our bass player Tilen Hudrap. As we all know, Tilen is a very busy musician who also plays for a few more legendary bands along Pestilence and the time has come to go our separate career ways. Tilen is leaving Pestilence strictly because of scheduling differences!!!

Mind you, this has been a great experience for all of us and a historic 2018 for Pestilence!!! Pestilence released a highly acclaimed new studio album (“Hadeon”), played over 70 shows in many countries we never visited before (like Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Romania, Turkey and many more), shared the stages with everyone from Iron Maiden to Cannibal Corpse and had the busiest year ever in 32 years of Pestilence!

Tilen states:

Thanks to all our fans all over the world for mega support this year! It’s appreciated more than you can imagine! It was an insane year, a crazy ride indeed with my life-long brothers Patrick, Calin and Septimiu, filled with good vibes and energy. I’m extremely proud to be a part of this historic legacy of death metal that is Pestilence and playing alongside my bro and one of the biggest innovators in extreme metal genres ever, Patrick Mameli! I will cherish these times forever! Sometimes life gives us opportunities that we can’t say “no” to and 2019 is going to be so busy for me in my other musical journeys that I had to make the most difficult decision ever: to leave Pestilence, because the band has a mega hectic schedule for 2019 planned as well. All the experiences we had together will stay with me forever and I wish my brothers in Pestilence absolute success in the future!

Mameli continues:

Tilen will stay in Pestilence until end of this year and will play all the booked shows in 2018 with Pestilence in Mexico and Europe! Be sure not to miss those! Me and the rest of the band part ways with him as metal brothers. We all were like a big family, went through so many things and crazy experiences all over the world during almost nine months of non-stop touring and had the best time ever. We will continue to be on good terms in the future. Pestilence and the crew wishes Tilen all the best in his future endeavours.

So now the question is… Who is up for the difficult task of replacing Tilen Hudrap, one of the best in demand metal bass players in the world? We are looking for a bassplayer of equal (or at least close to) caliber and level, meaning: owning own professional gear and absolute knowledge of music of all genres, knowledge of music theory and composition, playing with fingers (NO plectrum players, only fingers!!!) and someone who’s willing to give it a serious go. Therefore we need a professional attitude and a professional person/player all around, preferably with experiences of touring. Sometimes you will be away from home for longer periods. So a good and stable personality is a must. Preferably non smoker and definitely no alcohol and drug abusers!!! Only serious players need to apply!

Please contact me with your info and a clip of your playing on Pestilence official Facebook page. Only European bass players can apply. This is to reduce costs of flights. Does this sound like you? Give it a go!!!!

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