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THIS ENDING launches lyric video for new single, “Annihilate”

by Metal Jacket

Swedish This Ending formerly known as  A CANOROUS QUINTET has released the first track from their new album Needles Of Rust coming May 28th.

Annihilate: This was the first song Linus Nirbrant wrote after the garden of death album. Another vicious thrashy song to bang your head to.The lyrics deal with the topic of neglect and how we as humans sometimes destroy what’s around us like we were some kind of gods. But also how we turn our blind eye to what’s happening to the world and to people around us. 

2021 sees THIS ENDING returning with a true melodic death metal masterpiece called “Needles of Rust”. Nine songs of Apocalyptic, Brutal yet Catchy melodic death metal back to the roots of what was done earlier in A CANOROUS QUINTET.

“Needles of rust” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren, To give the album cover the necessary atmosphere Björn Gooßes of Killustrations was hired once again (as on the previous album “Garden of Death”) to take care of the artwork and layout. Overall the lyrical themes for the Needles of rust album deal with different kind of nightmare scenarios. Some lyrics are loosely based on real events and things that has happened over the world. Some are just about nightmares as an overall phenomenon. All lyrics are up for personal interpretation, I just try to give a glimpse of what went through my head when I wrote them.

Track list

1.    My Open Wound         
2.    Annihilate         
3.    Embraced by the Night         
4.    Eclipse of the Dead         
5.    A New Plight         
6.    Needles of Rust         
7.    Devastate         
8.    Hell to Hell         
9.    The Hunted 

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