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The second single from Änterbila is “Torparens dotter”

by Natas Dog

From the very beginning, Änterbila was meant to serve as an outlet for Jerff’s historical interest, especially that of bygone Scandinavia. A prime example of this is the band name. An änterbila is a boarding axe – a combined weapon and tool used in sea battles to board enemy ships – developed by the Swedish navy in the 1700s. Another example can be found in the thematic content of “Änterbila”. Growing up as an avid book-reader who spent a lot of time at museums, Jerff was intrigued by tales about ‘statare’: a term for agricultural contract-workers, such as farmhands, who were given accommodation and food instead of a salary. The system reached its peak in the 19th century and continued until its abolishment in 1946.

The band commented: ““Torparens dotter” is a story reflecting upon how certain myths and the fear of the unknown were sometimes warranted. The song paints a picture in which a girl, unaware of what lurks in the dark, disappears into the forest. As is our habit, the music was written to capture a sense of what the lyrics are about. The mystery, adrenaline, and fear are all conveyed in the form of beats and notes. What really happened is not made clear by the lyrics, but it could’ve been anything from murder to The Neck.”

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