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THE SCUM release “The Death of Light” video!

by Natas Dog

Colombian death Metal distributors THE SCUM release a new video for “The Death of Light” from their recently released album “The Hunger”.

“The Death of Light” is the second video in the 9 years of career of THE SCUM. The first video of the song, “Dead Eyes” won the award for best Colombian metal video 0f 2021 in the second cinema and metal  Festival   made by Ficime in Colombia. That video was directed by Juan Diego Escobar the most important Colombian horror director of the moment in Colombia. The video was a kind of short horror film when the band appeared disguised as rednecks.

The death of light is something completely different. The idea was to make a more old school metal video with the band playing the track in a classic metal way and atmosphere. The idea was to keep some elements of the horror ambient and environment but given more relevance to the band performance of the song and more importance to the lights positions and colors and introducing some minor visual effects to create a good old fashioned metal video similar to the classic thrash and death metal videos of the 80es and early 90ties. The video was directed by Los Hermanos Jimenez of SHARPBALL productions directors of several videos for important Rock and metal sudamerican artists and Mateo Garcia bassist of THE SCUM and runner of PIKE Productions.

The song “The death of light” is part of the second album of THE SCUM “The Hunger” that was released few months ago via the European label Satanath records and the Colombian record label Wild Noise Productions.

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