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The Defaced releasing new video/single!

by Vjeran

Swedish metal veterans, The Defaced are releasing a new video and single for “Bleeding Ore”. The song is taken from the bands upcoming album “Charlatans” that will be released om March 4!

The band about the song: “The lyrics of Bleeding Ore are about the utter frustration one can feel in a world that seems to look more into a narrower and more egocentric periscope. We tend to miss the holistic side of life and nature in a highly effective- and measurable world. When writing the lyrics, I felt a profound sadness that sometimes can flow over us, but at the same time I felt the need not to linger too long in these thought patterns.

The video is a representation of how individuals can feel about personal trauma, but the video still has a more humoristic side with the unicorn that we used in the promo picture. My daughter’s unicorn was in my car, and we started using it in the pictures, then we integrated it into the video to take the edge of all seriousness. The video and the lyrics were getting too dark. Hey, it’s just music after all.”

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