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THE ALGORITHM releases new single ‘Decompilation’

by Vjeran

“Decompilation is a track that encompasses many different styles around the algorithm universe and tries to blend them in into a unique combination. The artwork by Adrien Bousson illustrates the “divide and conquer” philosophy behind the track’s atmosphere.” – The Algorithm

I started the project The Algorithm in 2009 on Myspace, and my inspirations at the time were mostly driven by a need for controlled chaos and randomness. 2 years and 2 demos later, I played my first live show at Euroblast Festival using a single midi controller APC40 and I initiated a label contract with Basick Records, which led to the release of the debut album Polymorphic Code in November 2012. I met Mike Malyan, drummer from Monuments, at the same period and we played our first live show together in February 2013 at the Camden Barfly.

While progressively playing more shows more often in Europe, Australia (Big Day Out), Japan, Nepal, Israel, and many other countries. I also wrote music for the world’s biggest sports TV channel ESPN, video games like Super Mutant Alien Assault or Hacknet, produced a lot of remixes of bands like Born of Osiris, Igorrr or Daft Punk, and helped shape the production value of musician and bands all around the world.After the release of the second full album Octopus4 in June 2014, Jean Ferry from Uneven Structure replaced Mike Malyan on drums, I got endorsed by Keith McMillen, Line 6 and I picked up an Aristides guitar, all of this with a general goal to bring more musicianship and humanity to the mechanism of the computer music of the future.

In 2016 I joined Celldweller’s label FiXT and released my third full length album Brute Force in April. This was followed by tours in Europe, Canada, and China as well as Festival shows at Graspop Metal Meeting, Brutal Assault, and many others. End of 2016 and early 2017 Brute Force got two DLC expansions with the titles Brute Force: Overclock and Brute Force: Source Code. These DLC are a journey through the dark and warm corners of the Brute Force concept. Writing an album with a consistent atmosphere sometimes means some ideas have to be left off or just cannot be exploited to their fullest. More than a collection of tracks that didn’t make it on the album, these EPs are an extension, another perspective on the Brute Force story.The story continues…

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