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The album “Black Seal” from ROOT is now reissued after twenty years

by Metal Jacket

The album “Black Seal” from ROOT is now reissued after twenty years! MOONSPELL´s frontman, Fernando Ribeiro, was involved as a special guest.

The legendary horde ROOT has reissued its sixth full-length album „Black Seal“ in September. This Dark Metal opus was recorded at Shaark Studio (Bzenec, Moravia) during the summer of 2001 and contains twelve songs. Redblack Productions released the album at end of the same year back then. Fernando Ribeiro, the leader of Portuguese kings of darkness MOONSPELL, appears on „Black Seal“ as a very special guest singing his parts along with Big Boss in the song called

The album is now re-released on three-panel CD digipak in the cooperation of underground labels Godz Ov War Productions (Poland), Chaosphere Recordings (Portugal) and the ROOT´s bassist´s Lava Productions. Double vinyl version of „Black Seal“ should be released in 2023 via Monsternation Records. Cover artwork designed Mr. Seth Haymon.

ROOT „Black Seal“ tracklist:
1. The Festival of Destruction 4:57
2. The Incantation of Thessalonian Women 5:12
3. Nativity 4:18
4. His Eyes Were Dark 4:22
5. Black Seal 4:15
6. The Faith 2:12
7. Salamandra 7:26
8. Necromancy 4:57
9. Theriak 5:31
10. The Mirror of Soul 7:14
11. Liber Prohibitus 3:41
12. Before I Leave! 19:35

ROOT „Black Seal“ line-up:
Big Boss – vocals
Blackosh – guitars
Igor – bass
Ashok – guitars
Evil – drums

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