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Test yourself before Scorpions show!

by Ivona Bogner
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Are you ready for Scorpions show in Belgrade? You have enough time to prepare yourself for “Crazy World Tour”. Here are the facts you might did not know about German legends.

Rudolf Schenker formed the band when he was 16 years old!

The band’s debut album, “Lonesome Crow”, was released in February 1972 in West Germany as the soundtrack to the German anti-drug movie Das Kalte Paradies.

The provocative “Lovedrive” artwork was named “Best album sleeve of 1979” by Playboy magazine, yet was ultimately changed for the American release.

After the release of Animal Magnetism, Klaus Meine began experiencing throat problems and required surgery.

On the “Savage Amusement” tour, they became only the second Western group (not American) to play in the Soviet Union.

“Wind Of Change” appeared on album “Crazy World”, but did not become a worldwide hit single until 1991, just after the collapse of the Soviet Communist regime.

The band’s only constant member is Rudolf Schenker, although Meine has been the lead singer for all of the band’s studio albums, and Jabs has been a consistent member since 1979.

During the mid 1970’s with Uli John Roth as guitarist, Scorpions was defined as hard rock band.

After Uli John Roth left the band in 1978, Scorpions changed the music course to melodic heavy metal mixed with power rock ballads.

“Wind of Change” is one of the best selling singles in the world with over than fourteen million copies sold.


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