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TEREN release Mara

by Vjeran

“Mara” is based on a Ukrainian folk song about the tragic fate of a young girl, whom her parents married off at a young age and now she is forced to hide her pain from others.

We developed the plot and turned it into the story of the abuser murder. The track does not call for violence. On the contrary, it shows what domestic violence and the absence of help for victims of bullying can lead to. 

Teren is a folk metal band from Kropyvnytskyi. The band consists of former members of the band Kult, but has a completely different approach to creating music. We love metal, we are crazy about Ukrainian folklore and we combine these two cool things into one whole. The lyrics are based on ancient Slavic legends and beliefs, and the music uses traditional folk motifs and heavy metal reefs.We want as many people as possible to finally smoke that Slavic folk metal is very powerful, very versatile, and ultimately beautiful.  

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