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Tech death metal band COEXISTENCE unveil info and video

by Metal Jacket

It’s a good time to step away from all of the music that’s been churning on your playlist for months, and check this out- Italian technical death metal sect Coexistence has just announced pre-orders for their upcoming full-length, ‘Collateral Dimension’.

The album is a 9-track leviathan, which promises to be a powerful, dimension-defying creation, and is one that we are positively excited about. The pre-orders for this album also herald  the release of their video for Collateral Dimension, the self-titled track from the album. 

Italian technical death metal wizards Coexistence conjure up their highly awaited full length album after releasing a belter of an EP in ‘Contact with the Entity’. Expectations were already sky high, but it’s safe to say that Coexistence have not only met them but also surpassed them by a huge margin with ‘Collateral Dimension’. They’ve grown by leaps and bounds and this album here is nothing short of a marvel in comparison. There’s controlled aggression and exquisite melodies, ensconced effortlessly in their elaborate, sinuous and ever-changing structures.

The album is highly varied and incorporates everything you’d want from this style of technical death metal with a lot of curve balls thrown in to prevent complacency from settling in. It’s an enchanting and riveting experience from start to finish as you discover new facets every time. With a mind-blowing artwork from Adam Burke, the album is beautifully able to express its sci-fi-themed vision where this kind of music goes, with perfect production values ensuring that everything is clear yet powerful.

This has already proved to be a good year for Transcending Obscurity for such forward-thinking death metal music goes, with bands like HatefulAtræ Bilis and even Sepulchral Curse paving the way for Coexistence’s release and others such as DepravityThe Scalar Process and Revulsion

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