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Symphonity: Quarantine Story

by Ivona Bogner

In Corona Corner, we are asking musicians how the outbreak has effected them, how did they adapt to the situation, what did they learn. Tomáš Sklenář, Symphonity bassist, speaks about his experience.

Hi! How are you doing during corona outbreak?
Hello, thank you for asking! We are doing great. It’s truth that some plans of the band had to be changed, but it is definitely not the end of the world, so we are intensively working on things which we may improve at the moment.

What have you cancelled/postponed due coronavirus?
We were on European tour supporting Rhapsody Of Fire when the situation became serious. We had to cancel 5 last shows of the tour, namely Münich, Pratteln, Grenoble, Paris and Milan.

How the global coronavirus pandemic is directly impacting bands?
I think the worst thing for all bands is current impossibility to play festivals and live shows at all. It is the main source of income for many bands (Symphonity included), so it can be a problem in the future.

How are you keeping your fans during this chaotic period?
We are trying to keep connect with the fans on regular basis mainly through our official website, Facebook and VK page. We know that this time is very hard for majority of the fans as well for us and we know we are all in this together.

We are working on our upcoming single “Dreaming Of Home”, which will be released soon, so fans can look forward to a brand new song with a new singer Konstantin Naumenko. We also invited all the fans to help us with the release in these difficult times. Fans can help us in crowdfunding campaign – they can buy special rewards which we offer to them and we will use this income for making the single and videoclip. Even the small contribution will help us massively, because we will probably lost all the income which we should have from the summer festivals. Campaign is still running, so if you want to help us, here you can:

Will metal look like when we re-emerge from isolation?
The community of metal fans is very strong and united. I have no fear that metal will weaken due to this situation. The opposite is the truth. Both musicians and fans will be hungrier for live shows so I expect real blast after all of the current restrictions will end. Metal will be stronger than ever before!

Who will suffer the most after all: musicians, organizers promoters…
If you organize a big metal festival, it is very often your only income through the whole year. If you have to miss it for one year, it can have existential consequences for those who have money in it. But it is a real danger also for all the musicians.

What is your isolation soundtrack?
Well, I am personally in half isolation because I am at home together with my 4-years-old son. So you can imagine, that there is not much time to listen to music.

Besides gigs, what/whom do you miss the most?
Personal freedom.

Do you have any rehearsals during quarantine? If yes, how do they look like?
It’s a problem for us to have rehearsals because whole band is from three different countries and state borders are more or less closed.  So we have to be only in online contact now. We will hopefully meet each other soon.

Thank you so much for your time. Stay safe!
Thank you so much for the interview! Stay safe and healthy! Do not allow to limit your personal freedom more than it’s necessary!

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