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SwitchBacK releases new single “Pelo Povo Para o Povo”

by Vjeran

“Pelo Povo Para o Povo”, in just over 2 minutes, sums up the aggressiveness of hardcore, some thrash metal flavor and the typical punk attitude of SwitchBacK.

The hardcore band ,from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, SwitchBacK released, on 3/26, “Pelo Povo Para o Povo” – theyr second single of 2021.

The lyrics illustrate a criticism of politicians who promise a lot and deliver little, and who, shielded by the complicity of a corrupted system, deceive the masses with hypocritical speeches.

In the words of SwitchBack frontman Vinny Blanc: “Pelo Povo Para o Povo” is a protest against attacks on the constitution, the distortion of historical facts and the misrepresentation of citizens’ rights and duties ”.
Bassist Luciano Munhoz, on the other hand, warns that “The riff is one of those that stay on the head and the lyrics are slapped in the face by the part of society that follow those people”.
In January, the band had already made available the single “Corrosão”, which achieved excellent repercussion in the underground scene. Both “Corrosão” and “Pelo Povo Para o Povo” will be part of SwitchBacK’s next EP, “Batendo de Frente”, which will be released at the end of the first half of 2021. Prepare your ears!
SwitchBack is Vinny Blanc (vocals), Fabio Lannes (guitar), Luciano Munhoz (bass) and Mauro Lopes (drums).

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