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Super group Act of Denial releases a single on August 30th

by Vjeran

Two masterminds behind this new project,Luger and Voi Cox, have been very good friends all their lives,working together in great metal bands from Croatia, Benighted and Koziak, where they’ve been kicking ass in the past.

Certainly we can’t forget to mention those two bands, but we are here to present this new project that these two long time freinds have been working on since the COVID pandemic broke out.

The masterminds of this project Luger and Voi explained to us:

“This is now just a continuation of what we have been doing all our lives and only now in our forties we have done something serious. Of course when it comes to music, at least for us,we wanted to record an album with some of the best musicians in metal music and the ones that we listened to when we were kids. We are not saying that this is something special what we are doing, but this means a lot to us and basically we are doing this for ourselves and our closest friends first and foremost but also for all the metal fans around the world who we hope are going to like our new music. Anybody can do it nowdays and we will support everyone no matter what. If there wasnt this COVID pandemic this would never happen since all of these guys would be on tour or busy with their own bands. We were playing our whole lives together and we don’t wanna say that the bands we played in before were not good or were good let music fans decide and let our music speak for itself but now this is completly different story. When you are getting older you get better understanding about everything including music. So today we introduce curent line up, so here it is!!”

Act of Denial are:
Björn Strid: Soilwork
Steve Di Giorgio – SDG: Death, Testament
Krimh: SepticFlesh
John Lönnmyr: Night Flight Orchersta
Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg / Soilwork: Artwork

Few more guests are to be announced.

Finally, the mix and mastering is done by one of the best metal producers who has worked on some of the best metal albums in history, Fredrik Nordström / Fredman Studio, and anyone who follows the metal scene knows which albums we are talking about.

Luger adds:

“Death is one of the best bands ever for me, Chuck was my idol and he is still to this day, and today two members of Death’s lineup are playing on our album. I’ve been listening to Soilwork since ’98 and I know every lyric and every music note by heart, I know Voi knows too, and Bjorn is on this album today. His colleague John from NFO is playing keyboards(keys wizard) on our album and Krimh is one of the best “young” drummers today who was supposed to end up in Slipknot, and today he plays in SepticFlash.”

“So when you look at all of this back then when we were kids we could only dream of something like this happening today that we are playing in the same band with our childhood idols and it’s actually happening which is mind blowing.”

“And most importantly, I couldn’t have done this without my brother, my younger brother Voi Cox. I would never do this with anyone else and let anyone else except Voi to be on this album. Without him I would never have recorded this and he has done most of the work but together we do everything and we know each other all our lives literally. Thank you brother, I love you”

Let the metal flow!!

Here you can see the teaser made by the great drummer Krimh, vocalist Mr. Speed ​​Strid and bass player Steve Di Giorgio.

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