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Sun Of The Suns have released an official video for the song ‘TIIT’

by Vjeran

Modern extreme metal merchants Sun Of The Suns have released an official video for the song ‘TIIT’ – titletrack and second single taken from their debut album ‘TIIT’, out on August 20 on Scarlet Records – directed by Filippo Cinotti/VMultimedia.

This is how the band commented: “‘TIIT’ has been named right after this song since it’s the most representative of our songwriting in its sum of fierce death metal riffing, core-ish moments and surprising twists in rhythm and pace, all combined to a morbid melody that suggests melancholy, cosmic solitude and a certain sense of confinement that must be broken.

The usage of melody is fundamental because it rolls along with the sci-fi plot behind the concept of this record, in which a foolish one obsessed with the theory of ancient astronauts carries out genetic changes in humanity to create a new civilization closer to whom he considers ‘The Gods’.

In terms of lyrics this is the pivotal point inside this drama, where the main character speaks his declaration of intent to reach the final aim; the description of technical elements and his rage remain suspended until he shouts his crazy design that collides with the melody of the chorus in a blend of astral harshness.

The launching of ‘TIIT’’s video is also the best way to announce Filippo Scrima as the bassist of Sun Of The Suns. His entrance came quite naturally since he’s a longtime friend of ours and an experienced and talented musician – yet involved in our label-mates Nightland.”

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