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SUBWAY TO SALLY Reveals New Version of Classic Track “So Rot”

by Metal Jacket
photo credit: Alexander Schlesier

Co-founders of the German medieval rock movement SUBWAY TO SALLY celebrate the 20th anniversary of their hit album, Herzblut, which has reached more than 6.3 million streams on Spotify alone, with an epic reissue of their song “So Rot” alongside an atmospheric music video! Throughout their nearly 30-year career, the formation from Potsdam has recorded 13 studio albums, performed at over 1600 concerts worldwide and toured numerous times at the biggest metal & rock festivals such as Rock am Ring, Greenfield, Nova Rock and Wacken Open Air, where they stood on stage as proud record-keepers more times than any other band in the world!

With the high-quality production on the new version, SUBWAY TO SALLY shows a new facet of their classic fan favorite “So Rot”. The introduction is provided by crackling backdrops and frontman Eric’s narrative vocals, accompanied by warm guitars and ambient percussion. However, the atmospheric soundscape gains more and more strength as it progresses and promises a multi-faceted performance alternating between gripping electric guitars, clashing cymbals and rousing kickdowns that always go hand in hand with medieval background music. New and old fans are guaranteed to be thrilled!

“If you go by sales figures, HERZBLUT is one of our most successful albums to date. But not only that, the record is also very popular with our fans. No wonder, since numerous SUBWAY TO SALLY classics can be found on it. The track “So Rot” is one of the secret favorites of both us and our fans. It was a heartful wish for us to transport this song into the year 2021 on its anniversary. We think we have succeeded well with the new edition and are sure that our fans are happy about this little present.”

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