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SUBLATION have unleashed their debut album

by Metal Jacket

Philly extremists SUBLATION have unleashed their debut album, The Path to Bedlam.

The band had this to say about the album, “From our humble beginnings recording demos in an apartment in North Philly to recording full-length albums with Grammy-nominated producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, we’ve learned about what extreme music can be and what kind of music we want to produce. The Path to Bedlam is in many ways the culmination of over a decade of experience as collaborators producing extreme metal and is the beginning of a new chapter for us as creators. This is our debut under our new moniker and our first effort as producers, engineers, and artists, and we are incredibly proud of the results. The album is aggressive, it’s coarse, and it’s the most accurate and human exemplification of us and our abilities to date.”

SUBLATION has teamed with metal blog Toilet Ov Hell for a full-album stream of this tech-death masterpiece.

SUBLATION is a two-headed beast featuring former members of Fisthammer that infuses elements of tech-death and blackened fury for 10 lethal offerings of forward-thinking extreme metal.

The Sectioning
Trepanning of the Evangelics 
Let The Fire Burn (Feat. John Norcross)
Hypnotic Regression (Feat. Rocco Minichiello)
Black Monday (Feat. Dominik Winter)
The Alchemist
Haunted Shores (Feat. Tom Geldschläger)
Evoked Through Obsidian
I Will Show You Fear In A Handful of Dust

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