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Stormwarrior released new album!

by Ivona Bogner

It was about time! German metalallers, Stormwarrior, released new album after five long years! “Norsemen” was released on Nov 29 via Massacre Records!

Massacre Records announced “Norseman” as the new and the 6th album by the leading German true speed metal veteran.
Earlier this month, Stormwarrior released an official video for their new single “Norsemen (We Are)” , which can be seen here:
“Norseman” is available as a CD digipak, limited gatefold vinyl LP, limited box set with exclusive content and as download & stream. Album was mixed and mastered by Piet Sielck, art work was designed by Andreas Marschall.


Stormwarrior – Norsemen

1. To The Shores Where We Belong
2. Norsemen (We Are)
3. Storm Of The North
4. Freeborn
5. Odin’s Fire
6. Sword Dane
7. Blade On Blade
8. Shield Wall
9. Sword Of Valhalla

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