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SPACE OF VARIATIONS Releases brand new video for “Будут Наказаны”

by Natas Dog
[photo credit: Artem Pronov]

Ukrainian metalcore beasts SPACE OF VARIATIONS have unleashed a brand new video for “Будут Наказаны” (“They Will Be Punished”), taken from their 2020 Napalm Records debut EP XXXXX.

The footage was filmed during their unforgettable shows in Kyiv and the legendary Faine Misto Festival, as well as on tour supporting comrades and friends JINJER on their sold out European Macro Tour 2019.

“Будут Наказаны” is a blistering burst of in-your-face Metalcore fury that has a long history with SPACE OF VARIATIONS.

Singer Dima Kozhuhar states:
„Будут Наказаны (They Will Be Punished) is actually one of our oldest songs, written in 2009 when I was 18 years old. It’s a huge fan favorite and I think that we‘ve played it at every show the last 11 years. It’s a hymn of youth and hatred… It’s a message from ourselves from the past – to ourselves in the present saying that burning hearts can move mountains. When we signed to Napalm we decided that it should finally get the recording it deserves.”

SPACE OF VARIATIONS recently released their MDX Live Session, a 6 song video recorded live in an abandoned soviet era cinema, celebrating the two year anniversary of their highly praised self-released album Mind Darknet, where the XXXXX EP tracks “Razorblade” and “Room 57” were also included. 

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