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SOUL GRINDER release video clip for “Spirit’s Asylum”!

by Vjeran

On November 11, the North German extreme deathers from SOUL GRINDER are preparing to leave a trail of destruction in the form of their new album “Anthems From The Abyss”. If you can’t wait until the 10 songs are available in their entirety, you can now get a first taste with “Spirit’s Asylum” on the MDD Youtube channel!

The brand new video clip is not just any video, but a prequel to the “Night’s Bane [Nyktophobia]” video released last year! “Anthems From The Abyss” will be released as a CD in a jewel case and as a limited DigiPak in a box set. A vinyl release will be available at a later date via KKR. The final tracklist of the album you will find enclosed!

01. Anthems from the Abyss 
02. Insidious Resurrection
03. The Soul’s Mirror
04. Supreme Enemy 
05. I am the Silencer 
06. Blood Harvest 
07. From the Nether Realm
08. The last Supper 
09. Spirit’s Asylum
10. Warcurse 

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