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Sludge doom veterans SUMA in Močvara!

by Vjeran

The Swedish sludge heroes return to Močvara and bring fat riffs that will shake the walls of our club, as well as your guts – Suma comes to us again after several years, and all those who are familiar with the work of this band know that it will be a concert for memory.

FRIDAY 10.10.2022. • DOORS 20:00 • START 21:00

Entry in advance: HRK 50
Entry on the day of the event at the club box office: HRK 70
Advance tickets: core-event.co

Suma was founded in 2001, and from the first days of their activity they established themselves as one of the more interesting Scandinavian sludge-psychedelic bands. Strongly supported by the DIY principle of work, Suma built their reputation on numerous concert performances and turned into a real live attraction for all people who want a hard noise-rock style in which they flirt with doom and other metal styles.

As for the discography, Suma treats us with a new album every 5-6 years, and the last one, “The Order Of Things” was released in 2016 and brought a small step towards post-metal, but it is still a recognizable Suma gig. After that album, the Swedes appeared discographically with several EPs and appearances on many compilations, and they also released a live album “Live In Tampere, Finland” which properly shows everything that Suma is because there was no post-production on it. intervention, the ‘live’ sound from the concert has already been captured. By the way, Suma’s releases are mostly produced by Billy Anderson, who worked with bands like Neurosis, Swans, Melvins, High On Fire, OM, Sick Of It All..

What is important to emphasize about this band is the fact that Suma and Zagreb have been publicly in love for a long time. They played in Zagreb for the first time in the mid-nineties, and the last time they treated us to a performance in 2016 was in Močvara. We were supposed to see them two years ago, but then the entire tour was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to concert performances, Suma is also connected with Croatia by a joint tour with the legendary group Chang Ffos, which took place in 2007.

In their career, Suma performed at the biggest genre festivals, and they had the honor and opportunity to play with bands like Electric Wizard, Entombed, Sunn 0))), Disfear, Asva, Unsane, as well as many others.

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