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Sleazy Sunday: Week Of Sleazy Birthdays

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

I’m back again with Sleazy Sunday but this time it’s really on Sunday unlike the last time haha.

Last week I wrote about first Crazy Lixx show in the USA which was, by the people who were there, spectacular and I don’t doubt it to be honest. This time I’m back with regular review so let’s begin!

  • H.E.A.T came on after Crazy Lixx on Melodic Rock Festival and were equally amazing. Seeing Erik Gronwall perform is quite the experience (check YouTube clips if you don’t believe). He has an energy level that very few can match.
  • Kissin’ Dynamite released their new video/single “I’ve Got The Fire” to extremely positive reviews. The new album “Ecstasy” will be out on the 6th July curtousy of Metal Blade Records.
  • Snakebite released their second album “Rise Of The Snake” last weekend (4th of May). The new video/single “Beyond The Rust” is set to drop today.
  • Nasty Ratz announced their new drummer Randy Dee this week. The band are currently on a weekend tour of Italy. On Friday they were in Genova, last night in Florence and today they’ll be playing with The Lethal Idols in Rovellasca.
  • Bloody Heels played the Metal United World Wide fest last weekend in Latvia. The band will be heading to back Warsaw, Poland on 19th May for a show at the Stadion Syrenki. In the meantime you can watch a VLOG video on their page of them on tour

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

  • Babylon Shakes sold out of the first pressing of their EP “Exile To The Veleveteen Lounge Vol. 1”. They’ll be pressing more in the future.
    Denman played to a sold out crowd at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester last night.
    Dextress will be opening for Sebastian Bach on the 20th of June in Calgary!
    Love Razer will be at Champz in Chatham on the 2nd of June.
    Rusted will be playing at the Quartier de Lune on the 25th of May.
    The Shrunken Heads were at the Pilot Light in Knoxville, Tennessee last night.
    Sleazy Way Out are also opening up For Sebastian Bach, but on the 2nd of July in Montreal.
    Station were at the Twisted Spoke Saloon in Pekin, Illinois last night.
    Wildstreet are at the Zone One at Elsewhere on the 29th of May in Brooklyn.

Northern Europe (Nordic countries): 

  • Blackout Express are live at the EQ House on the 25th of May.
    Confess will be at the Legend Club in Milano on  the 18th of May.
    Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet celebrated his birthday on the 5th of May. Hope it was sleazy!
    The Cruel Intentions will be starting their “Italy’s got a problem” tour at the Grindhouse in Padua on the 25th of May.
    Cruzh guitarist Anton Joensson celebrated his birthday on the 9th.
    Eclipse were in Ibiza, Spain this week.
    Hardcore Superstar video/single “Baboon” will be out on the 18th.
    NiteRain frontman, Sebastian, celebrated his birthday on the 11th.
    Serpico were at the Bar Rock Bear on the 11th.
    Sister were in Spain this week for a show in Ibiza.
    Strykenine will be live in Storvretsparken on the 19th.
    Temple Balls will be making an announcement in the next few days concerning their up coming second album.
    ToxicRose are giving photo clues of their next album. You can see that they have four members again, but they’re not showing the face of the new mystery member.
    Wildnite were playing in Byscenen last night.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

  • Bigfoot will be at Trillians in Newcastle on the 18th.
    DAMN DICE will be playing on the 18th as well, but at the Big Red in London.
    Maverick guitarist, Steve Moore, celebrated his birthday on the 7th.
    Midnite City are busy in the studio working on album #2.
    Stone Trigger are on their UK tour. They’re in Evesham tonight.

Western Europe:

  • Dizzy Fox had to cancel their appearance at the Nothing But Metal Festival last weekend due to Dariolicious having inflammation.
    Night Laser were live in Braunschweig last night.
    Pyrus have an interview on their page with Roxxi Diamond that they did in Bangkok.
    Sadhayena will be on tour with Hell In The Club in Germany, France, and Belgium.

Eastern Europe, and European Russia:

  • Bad Jokers Cream played an acoustic set tonight at the Motobar.
    Double Raw are working on a new single called “Fire For My Fuse”.
    Hairy Groupies will be at the Rock Club Liberac on the 26th of May.
    Stripped Guns new EP “Wild At Heart” is available to stream/download at all of the usual places. You can also get a limited edition CD.


  • 17Crash are heading south next weekend for a show on the 18th in Alatri at the Satyricon, and a show on the 19th at the Mumble Rumble in Salerno.
    Cream Pie will be opening for Skid Row on the 21st of May in Druso – Bergamo.
    Hell In The Club kick off their tour in Germany on the 18th.
    Speed Stroke are working on their third album. Don’t forget that they’ll be opening for The Cruel Intentions on their “Italys got a problem” tour on all three days starting on the 25th.
    Street Vipers will be at the Rockbeer Thenew on the 25th of May.

Australia, and New Zealand:

  • Black Alpine announced that they’ll be a part of the Psycho Circus fest in August.
    New Catalano single “Wildfire” will be out on the 23rd of May. They’ll be opening for Hardcore Superstar on the 15th of June at the Prince Ballroom in Melbourne.
    Crosson have a new Japanese webpage that is now up.
    Leathur Tattoo will be opening for The Iron Maidens on the 25th of May.
    Sisters Doll “Strutt” single re-launch is on the 26th of May.
    Snake Bite Whisky will be opening for HCSS on the 16th of June in Brisbane.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

  • Gunner have new shows posted on their page.
    Inluzt are working on their debut album.

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

  • Girish And The Chronicles have a new video for the song “Walking The Line” out.
    L.A. Cobra are at the Arcade Empire tonight. Look for a new lyric video coming from them soon.

Video of the week (7th – 13th) goes to Kissin’ Dynamite for ”I’ve Got The Fire”

See you guys next week and don’t forget to keep your hair up and rock on!

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