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Sleazy Sunday: The Sleazy R-Evolution

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

Sleazy Sunday is back again and we’ve got some major news this time so no more waiting, let’s go!

First we’re starting off with some new Crüe news!
Mötley Crüe have released their first new song in four years featuring rapper Machine Gun Kelly called ”The Dirt (Est. 1981) while their film will be out on Netflix on 22nd of March! Trailer for the film is available on YouTube.

Crazy Lixx are back with another sleaze metal gem called ”Wicked” that harkens back to the best of 80’s rock, while also keeping a foot planted in the 21st century. Their 6th album ”Forever Wild” will be released on 17th of May via Frontiers Music Srl.

Olli Herman (singer of Reckless Love) has a brand new single ”Mä Haluut Sut” out but still no informations about the possibility of a solo album.

Sleazefest is happening again this year on 9th of March in Bochum, Germany and it will feature many great young sleaze bands!

Midnite City have announced 2019 summer tour.

Exxocet have released ”ALIVE” few weeks ago but they are ready to drop their next single “Cannibal Carnival” in the few weeks time. This track has a Latin American vibe mixed in with the modern glam metal sound they have.

Temple Balls have got a hot new single called “Distorted Emotions” and the video will be coming soon too. Their album ”Untamed” will be out on 8th of March!

There’s a big show happening in Hamburg in April called ”The Sleazy R-Evolution”!

Wildstreet have prepared European tour and it’s going to be awesome!

Rusted will be dropping their new single on 8th of March.

Bloody Heels album #2 is coming soon and I’m really excited about it!

Vain Vipers‘ first two video’s “Lost In Your Eyes”, and “Kissy Doll” have been out for some time and on March 5th a new video will be released! The self titled debut album will be available on 22nd of March!

Wicked have a lot of surprises this year. One of them that they are playing in Rochester on 1st of March at Nash Villes.

Night Laser are heading to Nijmegen in the Netherlands at the Rockcafe Backstage on 9th of March. They’ll be joined by Kikamora.

Video of the Week (18th – 24th of February)

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