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Sleazy Sunday: The ”new breed” of Ratt!

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

Here we are again with not much news but I think next week will be better since Bang Your Head Festival is happening!

Let’s start with something ”old school”.
Big news are coming from Ratt camp as they’ve played for the first time with new line up and without guitarist Warren DeMartini for the first time since 1981. Although it does not appear possible to confirm that it is Black ‘N Blue drummer Pete Holmes playing the drums, guitarists Jordan Ziff (Razer) and Chris Sanders (Britny Fox, Knight Fury) are in.

Kissin’ Dynamite released their 6th album “Ecstasy” yesterday to rave reviews. Accompanying the album was another video/single. This one titled “You’re Not Alone”.

Nasty Ratz announced that they have a new video/single titled “Against The World” coming out on 7th November. This will be the second single from the “new” era of the band and the first to feature the new rodent behind the drum kit, Randy Dee.

Something is cooking in Santa Cruz as Archie Cruz has released third edition of Shred Till You Drop under the name ”Shred Till You Drop Vol. 3: The Prodigal Son Rides Again!” and this is the first one without Johnny Cruz. It is also the first major news from them since all the original members except Archie have left the band and it seems like Pav Cruz could be the new guitarist.

Dead Daniels are playing at the Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary this weekend.

Hardcore Superstar are playing the Rockfesten in Kunstradgarden on July 20th.

H.E.A.T played the Rockfest in Barcelona on July 5th.

Lipz are heading to Italy for the first time on July 15th. Luppolo in ROCK!

NiteRain are playing this year’s Cruefest at the Whisky Go-Go in Los Angeles on July 28th.

Video of the Week (2nd – 8th of July) goes to Archie and Pav Cruz!
(Although, to be honest, this is the weakest edition out of the previous two in my opinion.)

So, as I’m writing this I’ve came to a realisation that I’m kinda late for my rehearsals so, sadly, I’ll have to cut this short. See you next time with more details and of course, keep your hair up and rock on!



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