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Sleazy Sunday: The 1st Swiss Glam Rock festival!

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

In time of my absence from Sleazy Sunday we had some album releases such as Hardcore Superstar – You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll and The Cruel Intentions – No Sign Of Relief and both are pure awesomeness. Anyway, quite a few bands are in the studio or touring so it’s pretty good period for the genre. Let’s see what’s happening!

Firstly the big news! There have been festivals in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, UK, USA, Australia, the Czech Republic and it’s finally here! The 1st Swiss Glam Rock festival!!! Smoke ‘N’ Flame! Dizzy Fox! Rusted Guns! Hair Dryer! Van Arx! are performing! Get ready to rock! This crazy night is taking place in Wetzikon at the Hall Of Fame on 27th of October! Fan’s from neighboring countries should definitely make the journey to this event.

A few days back, Olli Herman released “Kuolon Messu” his third solo single. To hear you’ll have to go to Spotify, Deezer or other streaming services since it’s not on YouTube. Could this mean the solo album is coming?

In other Reckless Love related news, guitarist Pepe has been seen laying down some tracks which are probably for the group’s upcoming studio album.

Archie Cruz of Santa Cruz is currently in Las Vegas recording music for the new album, the first without original members while Pav Cruz is about to release new solo single ”Now I’m Here” on 5th of October.

19th of October is the actual release party for the Trench Dogs. ”Year Of The Dog” has been out for a shade over a month and the response from fans and media has been great!

Lipz are coming back to Italy on the 1st of December!

Bloody Heels were in Helsinki few days ago for a killer show with Serpico and the Violent Fever. After this you can expect them to head back to Latvia to continue recording album #2.

Snakebite are on the road with Night Laser and Wyld Paradise! They were in Berlin and Kiel.

The Frontiers Rock Sweden festival is coming soon. Stockholm will be treated to a rockin’ line up that includes Crazy Lixx. The action is taking place on 13th of October.

Catalano are rockin’ in Brisbane on 5th of October at The Brightside! The scene is looking good in Australia.

Double Raw were in Dirty House Stockholm and in Prague. They are also preparing for the video shooting for their new single “Pure Will” and are also composing a brand new ballad for incoming LP record.

The Local Band will be dropping some big news. New album? New tour? It’s anyone’s guess right now. Stay tuned for the details as they come.

Kissin’ Dynamite are shooting a brand new music video! They haven’t said which song it’ll be for. It looks like they want to make it a surprise.

Dangerous Curves have got new bassist and his name is Will Saw!

Helsinki has a Hell of a Halloween party coming their way! Shiraz Lane, The Cruel Intentions and Blue Eyed Sons are playing!

Gunner are busy recording their 4th album.

Wicked have released brand new video for Radio Brain.

Video of the Week (24th – 30th of September) goes to Strykenine – Stay Away!

This should be it for now. As I said before a lot of bands are busy touring or recoding which is great news for our genre so as always… Keep your hair up and rock on!

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