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Sleazy Sunday: Sleazy Sunday is always a fun day!

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

Welcome back to Sleazy Sunday!
We’ve got some news from ”old school” bands as well as our standards, young and fresh bands for you so check it out right now!

Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars was recently featured on Ernie Ball‘s latest “String Theory” episode and the guitarist spoke about his upcoming solo album. Mars stated: 

When I come out with my solo project, my first record will give me a key to that door I need to open. I’m definitely gonna lose some fans, because it doesn’t sound like my old band. If it does well, then I know I can go another further, another further, another further, and keep reinventing. I wanna keep evolving, keep moving, keep that motivation going. When you stop learning, [you] might as well just put your guitar down.

More Crüe  news; Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee have been in the studio recording some stuff, don’t know what it is but hope to find out soon. It could be new music for the upcoming biopic film ”The Dirt” who knows…

It’s been well documented that KISS frontman Paul Stanley has been losing his voice during the last few years and now his long time friend, band member and business partner Gene Simmons recently did a short tour of Australia with his solo band where he is heard stating: “I’ll sing everything because my voice always works! I don’t lose my voice. I don’t lose my voice… Paul Stanley.” It’s interesting to see if there will be any Paul Stanley response.

Eight days after announcing that due to low ticket sales, it was forced to trim its festival roster by losing a few bands, the Hull Metal Heaven has now announced that it is canceling its rock festival that was supposed to take place at The Welly Club in Hull, U.K. from September 14 to 16, 2018. The cancellation message was posted on Hull Metal Heaven‘s Facebook (with slight edits). Acts like LA Guns, Kip Winger, H.E.A.T, Kee Marcello, Pretty Boy Floyd, Brighton Rock, Bonfire and many others were supposed to play.

The rock fans in the UK are in for a great start in 2019. H.E.A.T will be joining Skid Row on their tour!

Fallen Angels played the Rock Della Madonna last night.

Shiraz Lane are heading to Vantaa for a wild night at the Old Story on 14th of September!

Dextress were once again the top hosts in Western Canada for the weekend party! They rocked Edmonton on Friday, and they’re heading to Calgary to rock everyone at the Blind Beggars club tonight!

17 Crash will be performing at the Circus Club on 14th of September!

WICKED kicked ass at the Heaven And Hell show at the Chrome in Waterford, NY last night!

Glam. It’s back with a rage. And Reckless are coming with their new album soon. MORE hairspray! MORE bright clothes! MORE powerful songs!

The Nasty Ratz got nasty at the Vinorak fest in Phara on Saturday!

Bloody Heels rock n’ rolled at the Rock Cafe in Riga on Saturday.

Confess made their way to Denmark for the Raise Your Horns festival this weekend.

The Temple Balls are finishing up the recording process of their second album! As you already know, they have been working with Jona Tee from H.E.A.T. You can expect to hear a HOT sound coming from this one!

Catalano just wrote the last song for their second album. The track is titled “Girls On Speed”. They’ll be back on stage on 15th of September at Max Watts!

Video of the week (3rd – 9th of September) goes to Dizzy Fox:

This will be it for now… See you soon and keep your hair up and rock on!


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