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Sleazy Sunday: KISSed For The First Time – Special Edition

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

As I said last time, this edition of Sleazy Sunday will be sligthly different than the others.

I had to take a selfie, sorry haha

21st marked one year anniversary of my very first KISS concert.

The show was an absolute spectacle, the pyro was insane, the stage was enormous, everything was larger than life. Yeah, of course, Paul Stanley can’t sing like back in the day but let’s face it, he is 66 years old! Imagine yourself doing even half the things he does at that age. Sure you can’t haha.

You may or may not be fan of them but one thing’s for sure. They put on a hella good show!

I always kinda knew this but this time I was 100% sure… KISS Army are definitely the BEST fans ever!!! Met so many great people (with some of them I’ve stayed in touch), so many dedicated fans from all over the Europe and even world.

I’ve been to quite a lot concerts but only one could match this one (and that was AC/DC, but yeah, you can’t top that). Hearing ”Aaaaalllllright Vienna… You wanted the best… You got the best… The hottest band in the world – KISSSSSS!!!!!” literally made me cry. Unbelievable!

Such a shame that my mobile phone I had at the time broke down because the idiot me hasn’t uploaded all the videos and pictures to my PC otherwise I’d share video or two here.

KISS have changed my life and seeing them live, one of my favourite bands ever, was definitely a dream come true for me!

Now back to the regular but shortened Sleazy Sunday.

Crashdiet they made this announcement:

“Attention American fans:

We have been forced to postpone our visit to the USA in order to
proceed our plans to record album number five.
All the American dates including the Whiskey a go go and Rock N Skull festival are affected.

We’re truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we can assure you that the band is in great spirits and feeling stronger than ever!
We’ll see you in 2019!

Martin, Peter, Eric and Gabriel

The Cruel Intentions are having a HUGE weekend. First they released the first video/single from their up coming debut album “No Sign Of Relief” due out on the 21st of September and now they are in the middle of their “Italy’s got a problem” tour. Last night they were at the Grindhouse in Padova, and last night they were playing at the Officine Sonore in Vercelli. There’s still one more night left to go. So if you’ve missed your chance then you can head to the Circus Club in Firenze. The Lethal Idols and Speed Stroke are with them all weekend long.

Catalano released their first single “Wildfire” from their up coming second album. Fan’s of De La Cruz need to get on board and join the Catalano craze! Catalano will be opening for Hardcore Superstar on the 15th of June at the Prince Bandroom. After that they’ll be heading to Sweden to play with The Cruel Intentions for a Friday the 13th show in Sweden.

H.E.A.T gave us a lyric video for the song “Drink Alone” the other day. It was an outtake track from “Into The Great Unknown”.

Lipz stormed back with their second video/single “Get It On” from their up coming debut “Scaryman”. The album will be released on June 1st. Get your pre-orders in now.

Video of the week (21st to 27th) goes to KISS (wonder why haha).

That’d be it for now. See you next Sunday and as always…  Keep your hair up and rock on!

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