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Sleazy Sunday: Finally in America!!! – Special Edition

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

Even though this is only the second week of Sleazy Sunday it’s already special edition. What makes this one so special you may wonder… Wonder no more!

Everyone who has ever heard for the term ”The New Wave Of Hair Metal” or maybe has wondered how new glam sounds have came across this band in particular – Crazy Lixx.

And if you happen to know me there’s like 99% chances that I’ve been terrorisng you with their music haha. Anyway, the reason why is this so special is that they were playing their first ever USA concert at the 5th edition of Melodic Rock Fest!

Crazy LixxBut first of all, I’d like to apologise for not posting this on Sunday when it should be on because I was pretty busy during the whole weekend and just couldn’t find time to properly do this.

Swedish hard rock/hair metal band Crazy Lixx carries the torch of rock n’ roll with pride. Formed in 2002, the band has been enthralling crowds with their unique brand of 80’s hard rock.  Crazy Lixx are pioneers of Sweden’s rock music scene in their own right. With over a decade of experience and several line-up changes, the band has under their belt five full-length studio albums and one live album including ”Loud Minority” (2007), ”New Religion” (2010), ”Riot Avenue” (2012), ”Crazy Lixx” (2014) and ”Sound Of The LIVE Minority”(2016).

Crazy Lixx’s most recent and fifth studio album ”Ruff Justice” (2017) comprises of 10-tracks, three of which are featured soundtracks for the hit video game “Friday the 13th – The Game”. Rendering the pure nostalgia of 80’s classic horror and action themes, “Ruff Justice” packed with impressive guitar solos, memorable hooks and catchy choruses, big drums and defining riffs became an instant hair metal masterpiece.

As the fans say the show was absolute success! The place was packed and they blew the roof off of the place! They put out so much energy, and by the reports, people gave that energy back to them causing to give even more energy. It was a circle of energy that kept on going. Where the band and the fans were locked into each other making them all become one.

This was the news of the week and since Crazy Lixx are one of the key bands of the new wave of hair metal I had the urge to dedicate this weeks Sleazy Sunday to them.

Until next time… keep your hair up and rock on!

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